McKenzie, Stations of the Cross #12BANNERSIZED

Adjustments will be made to this service due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions. We will update with details soon!

Monday, April 6th, at 7:00 pm Trinity Buckingham will offer an alternative experience of the Stations of the Cross.

The service is a creative, contemplative experience incorporating music, silence, poetry and art from around the world. All are welcome to attend.

“While it is traditional for worshipers to walk to each of the Stations of the Cross in turn and offer prayers, at this service, the Stations will ‘walk’ in front of us,” said the Rev. Dr. Nancy Burton Dilliplane, rector of Trinity Buckingham Church. “We will remain in one place for prayer as multiple images of extraordinary artwork from around the world and across the centuries are projected in front of us, all accompanied by music, poetry and occasions for silence.”

The historic roots of the traditional Stations of the Cross service date to at least as early as the fourth century, when Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land traveled through the sites of biblical events, especially events in the life of Jesus, where it was customary for readings and prayers appropriate to the place and the event to be offered.

By the fifteenth century, symbolic representations of the events of Jesus’ journey to the cross, known as the Way of the Cross, began to appear in European churches. It has become traditional for Christians to walk the Way of the Cross as a personal devotion and especially during Holy Week, the seven days before Easter Day.

Trinity Buckingham Church is located at 2631 Durham Road, at the intersection of Routes 202 and 413.  For information, please visit or call 215.794.7921.

(artwork used by permission of the artist Janet McKenzie)

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