Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Christ in our hearts, sharing God’s love;

God’s work through our hands, serving God’s people.

Our Vision

Our vision for Trinity Episcopal Church, Buckingham finds Christ at its center. Gathering weekly for worship and Christian formation, we will be strengthened to live the word of God in the world.

The laity will be encouraged, supported and equipped for ministries within the congregation, the surrounding community and in worldwide mission.  Trinity will provide a comprehensive spiritual formation program, which will strengthen people of all ages in their spiritual journeys.

We will learn how to be Christians at home, at school, at work and in the world. Nourished by Word and Sacrament and aware of our spiritual gifts, we will willingly and actively participate in the ministries and activities of the church. A joyful spirit will be evident, leading people to share their gifts of time, talents and financial resources.

A loving, caring program will be in place to welcome newcomers and integrate them into Trinity’s family. We will come together often for fellowship and will truly be the body of Christ by helping and supporting each other.