Pajama Vespers Videos

Pajama Vespers Is Trinity’s Newest Worship & Fellowship Offering!

(ves’pers = a short and relaxing early evening time of prayer)

Pajama Vespers are warm & happy early evening gatherings that include a family activity, a story, a song, and candlelight prayers.

And you can wear your pajamas!

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, Paster Nancy+ is creating Pajama Vespers videos for children and their loved ones.

Stay tuned to Trinity’s homepage posts for the next Pajama Vespers.

In the meantime, here are Pastor Nancy’s most recent Pajama Vespers videos! 


Click here for Trinity’s Seventh Week of Easter Vespers — the Circle of the Church Year

Click here for Trinity’s Sixth Week of Easter Vespers — The Runaway Bunny

Click here for Trinity’s Lent Pajama Vespers — (In Dark Times) Little Mole Finds Hope

Click here for Trinity’s Holy Week Pajama Vespers — Palm Sunday

Click here for Trinity’s Eastertide Pajama Vespers — Two Disciples On The Road to Emmaus