Here Is the Video of the Rev. Nancy Dilliplane’s Gospel Reflection for Sunday, September 20th -   The Rev. Nancy Dilliplane offers the gospel reflection for today. Please click the image above to view the video of this sermon.          
Trinity Is Now Live-streaming Sunday Worship On Sundays From The Main Sanctuary -   We are excited to launch our new audio-visual equipment and livestream capabilities for Sunday’s worship services. Click the image above to link back directly to Trinity’s homepage and see how we worked through our first livestream Sunday morning worship service from our beautiful main sanctuary. We are working out the techy bugs and look […]
Here Is Pastor Nancy’s Pajama Vespers Video For This Week — The Godly Play Story of the Exodus! -     Please click the image above to open this week’s Pajama Vespers video with a Godly Play story The Story of the Exodus.   (To access previous Pajama Vespers videos, click here to access our archives).   Because we aren’t able to gather together for Pajama Vespers during the current Covid-19 pandemic, Pastor Nancy+ is creating Pajama Vespers videos for […]
Week of Action Sept 21-25 For Driver’s Licenses For All -   Immigrant Rights Action/Grupo de Acción of Doylestown is inviting Bucks County churches and synagogues to participate in a statewide Week of Action Sept 21 – 25 for Driver’s Licenses for All Pennsylvanians.  Please click the image above if you are interested in learning more through one of two upcoming Zoom calls.   As of […]
Do Not Miss This Amazing Jazz & Joe “Live” Performance — A Video Made For Their Fans During Covid! -   Jazz Sanctuary wanted to make as close to a live performance as they could, so they made an hour and twenty-five minute video in a studio, complying with all CDC, state, and city rules, that would replicate the live performance experience. Founder Alan Segal explains that in the video the playsers are separated, each […]
Open and Enjoy This Booklet Of Spirit-Filled Ways To Be Aware Of The Holy Spirit In This Time Of Pandemic - This booklet and its ideas for celebrating “Ordinary Time”**) at home is a loving collaboration by Martha Dudich and Nancy Dilliplane for the people of Trinity Buckingham. ** So what exactly is “Ordinary Time”?  — Ordinary Time is anything but ordinary!  The term comes from the word “ordinal,” and simply reference the counted time after […]
An At-Home Family Prayer Service For Every Day During “Ordinary Time” -   Here is a child and parent friendly prayer service that can be used each day of the week during “Ordinary Time”. Blessings! ** ps — What exactly is “Ordinary Time”?  Ordinary Time is anything but ordinary!  The term comes from the word “ordinal,” and simply references the weekly counted time after Pentecost Sunday — i.e., […]
Welcome To Trinity Buckingham’s Online Sunday Worship Services -   Welcome! Until the coronavirus social distancing restrictions have been eased, Trinity’s Sunday services will be offered online every Sunday morning at 10 am on Trinity’s Facebook page. You may reach Trinity’s Facebook page by clicking here or by going to www.facebook/trinitybuckinghamchurch. You may click here for archived videos of each Sunday’s gospel reflections. The […]
Spend A Few Moments of Holy Silence “With” Others on Trinity’s Facebook Live Meditation Tues/Thurs 8 to 8:30 am - Join us on Facebook on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for this calming, full-of-Presence time of prayer and meditation — a quiet prayer, a short reading of scripture, then 20 minutes of holy silence, and a closing prayer. Simply click this link or log in to Trinity’s Facebook page at at 8:00 am, and you’ll […]
Tuesday Morning Fizz — Trinity’s Effervescent Bible Study on Tuesdays at 9 am — All Are Welcome Anytime! - Trinity Buckingham’s Tuesday Morning Fizz is held on Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please call the office for the Zoom link.  Each week we take a look at scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday. Our Bible Study is a year-round gathering. New participants are most welcome — please join us at anytime!
Godly Play Video Stories for Children (and Adults!) -   Pastor Nancy+ has made a series of Godly Play video recordings for children and their loved ones to supplement worship at home. Each video is a stand-alone story and could really be used any time. (To access videos specifically for Holy Week — Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday — please click here). […]
Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook — A Tool to Help You Build Resilience In Difficult Times - The Wellness Society is offering this workbook as a tool to help us find ways to cope in the stressful time we are all experiencing around the globe. Please click the image above to open the workbook.  Be safe and be well. Blessings from Trinity to you. The Wellness Society aims to “bridge the gap […]
The Light Shines In The Darkness and the Darkness Shall Not Overcome It - Where can I go from your Spirit?  Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even […]
A Letter from the Rev. Nancy Dilliplane - Dear Friends, Please know that I care about you and am praying for your health and well-being as we journey together through this COVID-19 crisis. If you need anything — a trip to the store, a phone call during this time of social isolation, the chance to pray with others over the phone, a worship […]
Children-Of-All-Ages Church, Trinity’s Half-Hour Sunday Worship Service - Because of COVID-19 restrictions, this much loved half-hour long service is postponed but will resume as soon as the crisis is over. The Children of All Ages service liturgy is particularly oriented toward young people, but is designed for participation by both children and adults alike. (Some adults without children come on their own)!   […]