Special Services


Communion at Home or in a Healthcare Facility

If you or someone you know would like to receive Holy Communion at home or in a health care facility, please contact Pastor Nancy or the church office.   


Holy Baptism

People come to faith at all stages of life. Elders, adults, young adults, teens, children and infants are welcomed into the community of faith through the sacrament of baptism.

If you are interested in being baptized, or having your child baptized, please contact Pastor Nancy or the church office to arrange for a time of baptismal instruction. It is expected that those seeking baptism will participate regularly in the worship, fellowship, educational and outreach ministries of the church. 



Confirmation—a mature profession of faith and reaffirmation of baptismal promises before the bishop—is offered to individuals who are 15 years of age or older following a time of inquiry and instruction.

Please contact Pastor Nancy or the church office for information about the next Inquirer’s class for teens or adults. Again, regular participation in the life of the church is expected of those seeking confirmation.



Weddings at Trinity Church must be arranged with Pastor Nancy at least three months in advance. All weddings performed under the care of Trinity Church will be governed by the Canons of the Diocese of Pennsylvania and the Book of Common Prayer. Pre-marital counseling is a prerequisite and as with Baptism and Confirmation, it is expected that the couple will participate fully in the life of the church.

Trinity does rent its sanctuaries for weddings. Please contact Pastor Nancy or the church office for the guidelines governing private weddings at Trinity. No weddings will be conducted during Lent.



It is appropriate for the funeral of a Christian to take place in the church, following the order of the Book of Common Prayer. One need not be a member of Trinity to hold a funeral in either of our church sanctuaries. Please contact Pastor Nancy or the church office to make arrangements for a funeral and/or burial service.

It is also appropriate that funeral arrangements of church members to be made in advance and kept in a file in the church office.

Burial plots are available in the church’s cemetery. Please consult the church office 215.794.7921 for current details.