Pastoral Services

Holy Communion

All Baptized Christians, regardless of denominational affiliation, may receive Holy Communion. Those who do earnestly repent of their sins and are in love and charity with their neighbors, and intend to lead a new life following the commandments of God may share in this holy Sacrament.

Private Communion

If you would like Holy Communion brought to someone who is ill or homebound, please contact one of our clergy or the church office.

Holy Baptism and Confirmation

Adults, older children, and the parents of small children desiring Holy Baptism, at Trinity Church, are asked to contact our clergy regarding necessary instruction and regular attendance at Sunday worship. The same is true for youth and adults regarding confirmation. Holy Baptism and Confirmation should be public, rather than private, and reflect an ongoing commitment by the individual and/or family.


The sacrament of Holy Baptism is celebrated during one of the principal Sunday liturgies and is governed by the Canons of the church and the Book of Common Prayer. Baptism is normally celebrated on one of the four appropriate feast days designated in the Book of Common Prayer. There are: The Baptism of our Lord; The Great Vigil of Easter; Pentecost; and All Saints Sunday. Other Sundays may be chosen, if necessary, with the advice of the clergy. Baptism instruction will be provided for parents and godparents beforehand.


Weddings at Trinity Church must be scheduled with the clergy at least three months in advance. All weddings in the church will be governed by the Canons of the Diocese of Pennsylvania and the Book of Common Prayer. Pre-marital counseling is a prerequisite as is membership in good standing. No weddings will be conducted during Lent.


When death occurs a family member is asked to contact the clergy so that timely arrangements for a funeral may be made. It is appropriate for the funeral of a Christian to take place in the church. It is also appropriate that funeral arrangements be made in advance and kept in a file in the church office. Burial plots are available for members of the parish in the church’s cemetery. Consult the church office for costs and details.