— Welcome —


Please know that no matter where

you are in your life journey, you are welcome

here at Trinity Buckingham!



Trinity offers Sunday worship at the following times:


8 a.m. Book of Common Prayer service with Communion and no music.

10:00 a.m. Book of Common Prayer service with Communion and music. This service can be viewed through Trinity’s live stream on the website’s homepage and through Facebook Live on Trinity’s Facebook page which you can access by clicking here.

On First Sundays, the 10 a.m. service will be a Children of All Ages service with interactive prayers, music, a children’s message and Holy Communion.

We celebrate Holy Communion at every Sunday worship service using liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer. At God’s table, there is food for all who are hungry. If you are seeking God and a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ, you are welcome to receive Holy Communion. If you are not baptized, and would like to learn more about what this could mean for you, please speak to our rector, Nancy.


Trinity offers these other worship and prayer services as well:


Pajama Vespers

Prior to the pandemic, Pajama Vespers services took place in the church sanctuary on Sunday evenings when families with young children came (sometimes in pajamas) to share stories and prayers before getting ready for bed.


When COVID arrived, this service became virtual. Pastor Nancy offers a new Pajama Vespers YouTube video each week now, complete with songs, prayers and bedtime stories. Click here to access our library of Pajama Vespers videos.



Centering Prayer and Meditation

We gather for meditation and Centering Prayer every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. in Historic Trinity Church. All are welcome. You need not be a member of Trinity Buckingham or of the Christian faith to attend and participate.


Centering Prayer is a simple, meditative form of prayer that, while rooted in the Christian tradition, is similar to meditation practices of other ancient spiritual faiths. The leader begins with a short spiritual reading or piece of contemplative music which leads the group into a silent, quiet time of about 20 minutes.

All are welcome!

We hope you will join us!


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